GrainCorp Ukraine

We are pleased to announce our Kyiv trading office is now open and connecting Ukrainian grain to increasing global demand.

This means there are more opportunities than ever before for Ukrainian grain. Backed by GrainCorp’s global trading network, our expert team of Ukrainian grain merchants and grain traders will use their local knowledge and global insights to deliver you competitive pricing and increased demand for your grain.

Spanning Australia, North America, Europe, Asia and now growing into Ukraine, our global grain trading network has a proud track record of connecting over 6 million metric tonnes each year to customers in over 30 countries.

Our international team is strategically positioned to connect your grain with customers in the rapidly growing urban markets of Asia, the Middle East and North Africa.

In 2016, GrainCorp celebrated 100 years of growth… and we’re dedicated to continue growing through innovation and investment across our global grain and processing supply chain.

We are excited to partner with our customers throughout Ukraine to maximise the global opportunities for your grain.

Our global grain storage and trading network

Our operations at a glance

Our integrated, unique mix of assets deliver competitive prices, scale and confidence of supply. GrainCorp’s Malt and Oils processing businesses give us understanding of end-customers’ needs and enable GrainCorp to provide valuable insights back to growers and the industry.